It is an application form dedicated to those who are going to take 2 rounds in total at New Kuta Golf and Bali Nationaral Golf Resort.
Please fill in the following necessary matter.

Please play golf once time at each golf course.
The 2 round package of New Kuta Golf is here.

*Lunch Meals + 1drinks tickets” are not include to this package.


Our person in charge will reply after the contents are confirmed.

If you do not receive our reply after 2 days, please contact us by telephone or e-mail again.

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In case you do not receive auto-reply e-mail for a while, there is a possibility the e-mail address you inputed is not correct.
In case you have not received auto-reply e-mail even after you confirmed the above or if e-mail is wrongly inputed, please reserve with the form again or contact us directly

Furthermore, if you have spam setting or limited reception setting in your e-mail account, please note you cannot receive our reply even if you contacted us.

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